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On October 8 at the joint sitting of the Moscow City Duma commissions the deputies considered the issue of the Shukhov tower restoration.
The Company “Quality and reliability” presented the results of expertise of the Shukhov tower condition, which showed that during its lifetime the tower was subjected to a number of modernizations, which were incompatible with the original project of the academician Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov and which in combination with the further corrosion brought about the drastic deterioration of its strength. In recent years the owner of the tower did not perform any works to protect the tower from corrosion and keep it in normal condition according to the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation. As a consequence of such “economic” activity the monument of the world-class architectural and engineering thought was carried off to failure. “At any moment the tower may proceed to the emergency condition. The tower should be rescued, and this should be done instantly. It is dangerous” – stated Alexander Mamin, director of the Shukhov tower examination, Doctor of Engineering Science, head of the department for the inspection of buildings and structures of JSC “TsNIIPROMZDANIY”. By preliminary estimate, the minimum expenses on the restoration works will make around 350 million rubles.

In the opinion of the deputy Mikhail Moskvin-Tarkhanov the quality restoration and creation of a worthy recreational-park infrastructure around the Shukhov television tower will cost considerably more than 350 million rubles, and the expenses will be at the level of large construction facilities built for the Olympic Games in Sochi. But it is necessary, in his opinion, to insist exactly on the expensive variant. “If we are going to repair cheap, we will get a “cheapie” – reckons the deputy.

Big interest and approval provoked the proposal, which was presented by Yuri Volchok, Vice-president of the Moscow Union of Architects, professor of architecture. He called first to preserve the television tower and cover it with a protective structure that will shore up the monument and enable to provide access to several elements for their detailed scientific restoration. Such approach does not require a one-time appropriation of all the required financing and will enable to restore the masterpiece stepwise and with high quality during the nine years remaining till the centenary of the symbol of the native television, after which it is supposed to demount the supporting protective cover. It is necessary to adopt a resolution of the Russian Federation Government for ensuring the scientific restoration of the Shukhov television tower and creating around the monument the park and infrastructure adequate to the status of the World heritage facility.

Vladimir Platonov, Mosgorduma Chairman said: “Everybody is united with one idea – to rescue the monument so that it beatifies the city as before”. The restoration of the Shukhov television tower should be addressed on a packaged basis with a glance to the restoration of the Eifel tower in Paris. In the year of the academician Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov’s 200th anniversary it is necessary to assign to the tower in Shabolovka the status of a monument of the federal importance. It is essential that the specialists come to the collective opinion on what can be done for the preservation of the Shukhov tower.

Evgeny Gerasimov, Chairman of the commission on the culture and mass communications stressed, when summarizing, that all the parties interested should be invited to discuss the variants and technologies of the tower restoration and backed the initiative of holding a special scientific conference on this issue. Evgeny Gerasimov also stated that the Moscow City Duma would address the leadership of the country with a proposal to assign to the Shukhov television tower the status of a facility of the cultural heritage of the federal importance.

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