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“Russian heritage” foundation — The Address of the initiators of the foundation establishment.

“Russian heritage” foundation is established for organizing the public support for the preservation of Russian culture. By way of such foundation the civil society will facilitate wide access to the assets of cultural heritage and to the preservation of traditional Russian values. A separate attention is supposed to be paid to the preservation of inimitable mode of life and lifestyle pattern of the traditional villages, rural communities and small towns of Russia.

Myshkin's main city street of Yaroslavl region.
The foundation is established on the base of existing public structures which have been preserving the Russian heritage and traditional values for more than 7 years. The initiators are “Shukhov Tower”, the noncommercial Foundation for the development of science, culture and art, and the association of artists “Russian world”. The achievements of these organizations include the participation in the development of museums and, in particular, the transformation of the town of Myshkin in Yaroslavl region into a cultural-historical center of a Russian and universal importance, the preservation of masterpieces of the genius Russian engineer and architect Vladimir Shukhov, the arrangement of pictorial art exhibitions which preserve and develop the traditions of Russian classical school in Russia and abroad, and the execution of educational work for preserving the assets of Russian heritage and for developing the traditions of classical Russian art.
The “Russian heritage” foundation will realize its activities on the basis of cooperation with the federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation.
Zima by Nikolay Anokhin
Picture: "Winter. A frost and the sun", 1998, the author — Nikolay Anokhin.
Aims of the “Russian heritage” foundation that is being established

1. Realization of measures in order to organize public support for the preservation of Russian heritage.

2. Education of youth on the basis of national Russian cultural values.

3. Organization of the off-budget financial support for the Russian culture.

4. Engagement of individual and collective partners and followers for the preservation of Russian heritage.

5. Organization of the publishing activities in order to propagandize the achievements and importance of the Russian cultural heritage.

6. Arrangement of festivals and charitable auctions of the works of art in the Russian regions in order to support regional museums.

7. Assistance in preserving the inimitable image and way of life of the villages, rural communities and small towns of Russia, promotion of the traditional mode of life and moral values which stabilize the Russian society.

8. Organization of the public support for the preservation of natural-historical assets of the heritage and Russian masterpieces of architecture.

9. Arrangement of the exhibitions of the Russian works of art which keep on the classical traditions of Russian school.

10. Support of the theaters and performing groups which keep on and propagandize the traditions of Russian theatrics and cinematography.

11. Support of the traditional folk crafts.

The initiators of the foundation establishment invite the interested organizations and companies for cooperation. The additional information is provided on request forwarded to the following E-mail addresses:,

The initiators of the “Russian heritage” foundation establishment:

President of the “Shukhov Tower” Foundation
Vladimir Shukhov
Founder of the “Russian world” association of artists
Nikolai Anokhin
Moscow, 26.08.2011
The repaired Shukhov tower on Oka near Nizhni Novgorod.
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