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In the middle of December 2010 the meeting between the famous world architect Lord Norman Foster and President of Shukhov Tower Foundation, great-grandson of Russian famous engineer Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov, Vladimir Fyodorovich Shukhov took place in London.
 During this meeting questions about importance of V.G.Shukhov creative heritage for modern world architecture were discussed. Vladimir Shukhov has told about present condition of Shukhov's objects and efforts which are undertaking for their preservation.
 Norman Foster stressed that it is important to save all existing Shukhov's creations especially Shukhov Tower in Moscow and roofs in the form of double curvature steel lattice shell in Vyksa.


V.F. Shukhov, Lord Foster and V.V. Shukhov in "Foster + Partners"

At the present time the foundation is conducting working meetings with the management of the United Metallurgical Company (U) on which territory building with double curvature steel lattice shells roof is located (Vyksa) . The parties have come to the agreement on necessity of acceptance of urgent measures on preservation and restoration of objects created by Vladimir Shukhov and also about holding the competition about the concept of further use of these objects.


   Lord Norman Foster and Vladimir Fyodorovich Shukhov

Unfortunately practical works on restoration of Shukhov Tower in Moscow are not started yet ( However, thanks to efforts of foundation the government of Russia has allocated for Shukhov Towers restoration approximately 3 millions euro. The Foundation insists that first of all these means should be used on carrying out competent and comprehensive examination of the towers condition with attraction of leading Russian and foreign experts. And only on the basis of such examination it will be possible to speak about volume and cost of necessary works on tower restoration. Such approach will allow efficiently and economically to solve a question on preservation of this outstanding creation of architectural-engineering thought.

In Moscow Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Swiss Higher Technical School (Zurich), Shukhov Committee of Russian Academy of Science, State Scientific-Research Institute of Aviation Systems and Shukhov Tower Foundation.

The main aim of Memorandum is to unite in order to estimate condition of Shukhovs objects and to create 3D-model of Shukhovs metal constructions.

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