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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Chairman of the Government of Russia has given orders to allocate 135 million Rubles from the federal budget on the restoration of the radio tower of the genius engineer and architect Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov located in Shabolovka street in Moscow. The appropriate document is placed in the document base of the Cabinet of Ministers. This was reported by RIA “Novosti”.

In 2011 up to 10,5 million Rubles will be assigned on the restoration of the Shukhov tower, in 2012 – up to 69,18 million Rubles, in 2013 – 55,32 million Rubles. The whole amount of expenses on the designing and reconstructing of the tower will be covered from the federal budget. According to the document the state customer is the Federal agency for press and mass communications, the builder is FSUE “Russian television and broadcasting network”.

In March 2010 the renowned British architect Norman Foster wrote an open letter with the demand of restoring the Shukhov tower. The letter said that the tower of Shukhov “is neglected and decaying”. Mr. Foster noted that later modifications of the tower should be stripped away and the tower should be restored to its original condition.

Letters requesting to pay attention to the Shukhov tower were also sent by Bertrand Lemoine, Director of the Institute for the architecture of Paris, Professor Lucio Carbonara, and Professor Rainer Graefe, Director of the Institute for the constructional history and the protection of architectural monuments within the University of Innsbruck. However, at that time the money for the restoration of the architectural monument could not be found.

The project of making the block around the TV tower into a recreational zone was put forward already in 2009. According to plans the Shukhov tower should have been restored and illuminated anew, and a broad pond should have been dug at its foot. In a block further there was supposed to make one of the pedestrian routes of the “Golden ring of Moscow”, and in several places there should have been built observation platforms from Shabolovka to the metro station “Tulskaya”.

The Shukhov TV tower has been recognized as one of the symbols of Moscow. Since 1922 the Shukhov tower served as a support for the radio and TV aerials of the Moscow radiotelegraph station, broadcasting station “Big Comintern”, and from 1937 it became the transmitting aerial of the Moscow television center. Though with the modern level of communication there is no need to use the Shukhov radio tower as per its direct application, it is ranked as an object of cultural heritage and is protected by the state. 
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