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Yesterday the “Shukhov Tower” Foundation for the development of science, culture and art together with the Moscow department of the Union of artists of Russia and the Moscow Nobility Assembly held a press-conference devoted to the 175th anniversary of the Great Russian Maecenas Yuriy Stepanovich Nechaev-Maltsov (1834-1913), preservation of his heritage, renaming and restoring of the Museum of Fine Arts (now GMII after A.S. Pushkin) granted by him to Russia.
Yuriy Stepanovich Nechaev-Maltsov (1834-1913)

Yuriy Stepanovich Nechaev-Maltsov, being at the end of XIX – beginning of XX century among the richest people of Russia, was not only a manufacturer but also a public figure. Besides the Museum of Fine Arts he granted to people more than ten beautiful temples and charitable institutions, and spent on the patronage of art and literature two thirds of his enormous fortune. His social responsibility may serve a noble example for the contemporary Russian businessmen.

The gift of Yuriy Nechaev-Maltsov to Russia (1912)
Thanks to Yuriy Stepanovich Nechaev-Maltsov the world’s first hyperboloid structure, the open-work lattice steel tower of an amazing beauty, now located near Nechaev’s palace in Polibino, has preserved till our days. The unique water tower was built by the Great Russian engineer Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov for the biggest pre-Revolutionary All-Russia industrial and artistic exhibition in Nizhniy Novgorod, which took place in 1896. It amazed visitors of the exhibition by the uncommonness and beauty of the form. After the exhibition closed, the unique masterpiece was bought by Yu.S. Nechaev-Maltsov. The tower was transported in a disassembled form to Polibino and installed by V.G.Shukhov near Nechaev’s palace. Later many Great architects like Gaudi, Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer built hyperboloid structures. Shukhov’s lattice hyperboloid towers are claimed even nowadays. The world’s biggest TV tower, the gigantic 610-meter hyperboloid lattice structure, corresponding with Shukhov’s patent and very similar to the tower located near Nechaev’s palace in Polibino, was erected in 2005-2009 in Guangzhou, China. Now foreign specialists and architects visit Polibino quite often, and thanks to Yuriy Stepanovich they still have an opportunity to see and explore the world’s first hyperboloid lattice tower-shell.
Shukhov’s hyperboloid tower near Nechaev’s palace in Polibino
Vladimir Fyodorovich Shukhov, President of the “Shukhov Tower” Foundation; Sergey Goryaev, Chairman of the Moscow department of the Union of artists of Russia, National artist of Russia; Oleg Sherbachyov, Vice-Marshal of the Russian Nobility Assembly and Marshal of the Moscow Nobility Assembly; Nataljya Anikina, chief editor of the newspaper “Moskovskiy Khudozhnik”, art critic; Victor Demjyanchuk, Honoured artist of Russia; Sergey Arsenev, vice-president of the “Shukhov Tower” Foundation; Leonid Shtern, chairman of the foundation council; Oleg Tomilin, chief engineer of company “AMSTROY”; Vitaliy Chernogil, entrepreneur and Maecenas; Alexander Klokov, Chairman of the Lipetsk regional studies society took place in the conference.
The participants of the press-conference called to public at large and to power structures for promoting the full restoration of Nechaev-Maltsov’s country estate in the village of Polibino, Dankovskiy area of the Lipetsk region, including the world’s first hyperboloid lattice tower built by V.G. Shukhov in 1896.
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