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On April 12, 1961 Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin made the world’s first flight of a man to space and became the first cosmonaut of the planet of Earth. Two years prior to the 50th anniversary of this great event it makes sense to carry out preparation of a PR-campaign reminding the world community about the flight of Yu. A. Gagarin. First of all, there must be made an advanced Internet portal about the preparation and the execution of the first space flight. It is necessary to prepare the publication of the multilingual photo albums and to make a high-class documentary.

After the flight to space Yuri Gagarin visited Great Britain, France, Japan, Canada, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Egypt, India, Poland, Czechia and a number of other countries. The world applauded to Gagarin and it was a triumph uniting all the peoples of the planet. The arranging of exhibitions and PR-campaigns in all the countries, where was Yu.A. Gagarin, will help to strengthen the international relations.

Side by side with the defeat of fascism during the Second World War the first flight of a man to space is the greatest contribution of Russia into the development of the world’s civilization that caused the uprising of cosmonautics in the USA and other countries of the world. The “Shukhov Tower” Foundation proposes to set up an international non-profit “Foundation for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Yu.A. Gagarin’s flight to space”. Sponsors, public organizations, non-profit foundations, historians, veterans of cosmonautics and all the people who are interested in space exploration, its history, the present and the future are invited to take part in setting up and carrying out the activities of the new foundation.

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