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The project “Mosconstruct” 2008-2009 of the Rome University “La Sapienza” and the Moscow architectural institute (MARHI) has been backed by the European commission. It is aimed at the protection of the Moscow monuments of architecture of the 1920s – early 1930s. A special attention of the authors of the project is drawn to the site development around the radio tower of the outstanding Russian engineer Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov in Shabolovka. It is necessary to put this work of a genius in order and to turn the surrounding territory into an architecturally sensible recreational-tourist complex.
Far from all the works of the constructivism architecture of this period are well known even to the specialists. Until recently neither mass site development in the then Moscow outskirts nor many departmental dwelling houses in the center of the city that are of great interest as monuments of their age have been taken into account.

Now the authors of the project “Mosconstruct” have revealed many of such interesting buildings, engaging students of local history, connoisseurs of the city history and the public at large, arranging mass excursions not only on the territory of Moscow, but also in the nearest Moscow region.

From the beginning of 2008 there has been arranged the inspection and photographing of the architectural monuments of the 1920s — early 1930s by the MARHI students who within the educational process develop new elements of the city environment, protecting its unique, historically established architectural scale, making an accent on the stylistics of the Russian avant-garde renowned in the whole world.
“Mosconstruct” has announced a contest on the best proposals of protecting the planning structure of the dwelling areas and the external look of the houses, clubs, mechanized canteens and other buildings of the 1920s – early 1930s. The matter will be their delicate reconstruction, actual forms of use and environmental design. The main purpose of the contest is to draw the attention both of the public at large and of the professionals to the matter of protecting such a heritage.

The matter is the development of the actual concepts of new multifunctional complexes, the reconstruction and design of the city environment. The participants of the contest will also tackle the problem of reviving the city site development around famous garages designed by K.S. Melnikov with the use of V.G. Shukhov’s bearing structures. Thus, it is planned to set up a public multifunctional complex in the building of former garage in Novoryazanskaya street, to reconstruct its adjacent territory and to make an environmental design. The Muscovites will be able to spend their leisure-time fruitfully here, and guests of the capital will certainly drop in here attracted by the deserved fame of such monuments of domestic culture.
The authors of the project “Mosconstruct” are realizing such creative plans together with “Shukhov Tower”, the Foundation for the development of science, culture and art.
Elena Ovsyannikova
MARHI professor
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