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A press conference was held in Moscow’s historical Bakhmetevsk Garage, the site of the future Russian Jewish Museum of Tolerance. The gathering was dedicated to the 155-year anniversary of one of Russia’s most renowned architects – Vladimir Shukhov – a co-founder of this structure, and the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia’s future plans for the reconstruction of this monument of constructivist architecture.

Vladimir Shukhov, the Head of the ‘Shukhov Tower” Foundation, spoke about the talent of his renowned great grandfather and about the efforts of this organization, which has fought to ensure his genial architectural works were saved from destruction, especially in the post-Soviet years. Among these works is the Bakhmetevsk Garage, which is in rather dilapidated condition after so many years of exploitation and then disuse.

“I must bow down and say thank you to the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, since it is mostly through its efforts that the garage was saved – already [at that time] there was talk about dismantling it to construct a housing development in its place,” commented Vladimir Shukhov. “Most importantly, we have given this building a second life and saved it from destruction”.

Alexander Boroda, the President of the FJC Russia, then told participants that the FJC Russia received the territory of this former bus park in 2001, for the purpose of building an educational-cultural-leisure complex here. Over the past few years, this program was realized and on this site, the large ‘Beit-Shvidler’ Educational Complex was built, in addition to the ‘Shaarei Tsedek’ Charity and Leisure Complex.

In terms of the Bakhmetevsk Garage, at the present time, only the first stage of its reconstruction has taken place. The second stage will begin once the structure has been strengthened to accommodate the Russian Jewish Museum of Tolerance.

Alexander Boroda noted that the idea of founding a museum dedicated to both tolerance and a united Jewish people has been wonderfully received at all levels, including in the President’s Administration. This was even demonstrated by former President Putin’s gesture to donate his salary for June 2007 towards its construction. A number of other Russian and international organizations have expressed readiness to lend their support to the museum’s creation. From now, the second phase of this monumental project is expected to take two years to complete, after which another two years is estimated for the actual construction. Set to include several stories, in addition to two underground floors, residents and foreigners alike will have the greatly anticipated opportunity to visit this world-class one-of-a-kind museum.
MOSCOW, Russia
On: Thursday, September 18, 2008 — By: Israel e News


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