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On August 1, 2008 Dmitry Anatoljevich Medvedev, Russia’s President visited the town of Myshkin located on the picturesque bank of the Volga River. The motor ship “Russia” moored to the Myshkin”s berth in the early evening. Dmitry Anatoljevich looked with an interest at the central part of the ancient and distinctive town with the intact pre-Revolutionary architecture and communicated with town dwellers. The town’s attractions were shown to the President by Anatoly Gennadjevich Kuritsyn, head of the Myshkin municipal area and his officers.

After the tour round the town Dmitry Anatoljevich visited the complex of “Myshkin people’s museum”, which encludes the world’s sole Mouse Museum, the Museum of the unique and ancient machinery, the Museum of the Volga pilots, the Myshkin ethnographic museum and the Museum of Petr Smirnov, the famous vodka entrepreneur who was of Myshkin origin. The museum exhibits were demonstrated to the President by Vladimir Aleksandrovich Grechukhin, head of the museum, author and specialist on local history and his officers.

A special attention of Russia’s President was drawn by the exhibits of the Museum of the unique and ancient machinery. Dmitry Anatoljevich stayed long at the old locomobile, had a seat in the cabin of army truck GAZ-67 and with an interest examined the Maxim museum machinegun. The President also visited the museum’s smithy, the Mouse Museum and the Museum of Petr Smirnov.

The Locomobile in Myshkin
The locomobile in the Myshkin museum of the unique and ancient machinery

In his conversation with the museums’ officers Dmitry Anatoljevich mentioned the contribution made by the Myshkin enthusiasts to transforming a small town into a distinctive tourist center with the cautiously protected ancient architecture and the unique complex of interesting museums.

For more than five years the “Shukhov Tower” Foundation has already been supporting the Myshkin people’s museum and cooperating with the Myshkin administration for the purpose of promoting the town as a tourist center. The Foundation has bought a number of exhibits for the Museum of the unique and ancient machinery and developed the bilingual website to promote the town and its museums both in Russia and abroad. The Foundation has invited specialists to develop the concept of promoting the town of Myshkin as a tourist center. The Foundation invited various performers to the annual celebrations of the Myshkin town day.

Shukhovs Dacha in Myshkin
The creative dacha of the “Shukhov Tower” Foundation

A year ago the “Shukhov Tower” Foundation finished the establishment of a creative dacha in Myshkin. The unique enormous wooden tower-chamber decorated in the traditional Russian style harmoniously fit into the town’s historical landscape. The interiors of the creative dacha are arranged with the use of furniture and the every day articles of the late XIX century. The Foundation’s creative dacha has got popularity among the Moscow artists, representatives of bohemia and businessmen.

A great personal contribution to the promotion of the town of Myshkin is made by Vladimir Fyodorovich Shukhov, President of the “Shukhov Tower” Foundation. He regularly visits Myshkin, meets the museums’ management and the town’s administration and organizes the activity of the Foundation in respect of popularizing Myshkin both in Russia and abroad.

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