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The Foundation’s statement about the examination and restoration of the Shukhov tower in Moscow.  In the first half of October the mass media published advertisements and interviews that considered the repair of the Shukhov tower in Moscow without setting free the adjacent territory and with building of various structures, not foreseen by the V.G. Shukhov’s design, into the tower’s foundation. The building of foreign structures into the architectural memorial will turn it into a sham. The Foundation’s council and the European experts consider such renovation unacceptable and unworthy of the great masterpiece of the world’s architecture. Any actions to preserve the Shukhov tower in Shabolovka, Moscow are impossible without serious examination of the condition of the architectural memorial’s structures. The Foundation collects the funds of sponsors to make the examination of the tower.

The world’s first hyperboloid structure was built and patented by V.G. Shukhov in 1896. By the use of rectilinear and circular elements Shukhov got the bearing shell of double curvature in the form of a hyperboloid. The towers of Shukhov’s design allow reaching the maximum height with a minimum of material expenses. The height unit of the Shukhov tower in Moscow consumed three times less metal than that of the Eiffel tower in Paris. Now company Arup during two years has been building the hyperboloid lattice TV and survey 610 m high tower in Guangzhou. The Shukhov tower in Moscow is the world’s most known one out of all unique constructions created by Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov.

The experience of restoration of the unique buildings dictates the creation of an adequate recreation infrastructure around the unique hyperboloid structure of V.G. Shukhov. The inactivity of various responsible state bodies in respect of the Shukhov tower in Shabolovka may lead to a loss of the unique architectural memorial, the masterpiece of Russian vanguard. The masterpiece of architecture is beyond the reach of tourists and townspeople: it can be viewed from a distance of no less than 70 meters; all the territories that surround the tower around the whole periphery are enclosed by the barbed wire. The information about the condition of the tower in Shabolovka is not available to all.

At present the condition of the tower is near critical. The tower has never been restored and seriously repaired for more than thirty years. The tower is not protected from corrosion. The proper restoration requires thorough examination, which will enable to estimate the size of damages. The examination can no longer be postponed for uncertain terms because the construction’s vitality decreases due to corrosion. That is why the “Shukhov tower” Foundation collects funds to make the examination of the V.G. Shukhov tower in Shabolovka and appeals to you to make your contribution in the rescue of the unique masterpiece of architecture and engineering art.

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