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In 2007 the Vyksa metallurgical works (OAO “VMZ” – former Batashev works) will be 250. The same year the world’s first lattice thin-shell-overhead cover of double curvature and the hyperboloid steel lattice tower built by V.G. Shukhov in Vyksa on the territory of Batashev works will be 110. The 3-d International scientific conference “Industrial heritage” held in Vyksa, Nizhniy Novgorod region from June 28 till July 1, 2007 was timed to the jubilee of OAO “VMZ”. The United metallurgical company (ZAO “OMK”), VMZ, the administrations of Vyksa area and the town of Vyksa, Historical and sociological institute of the N.P.Ogaryov Mordovsky state university and others became the organizers of the conference.


The world’s first lattice steel shell of double curvature of V.G. Shukhov’s design in Vyksa during the construction, 1897.
The leading regional centers for the study of industrial heritage, Russian and foreign historians, as well as the group of Austrian and German specialists head by the known expert on the industrial heritage of Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov, Director of Institute for the history of construction and protection of the architectural memorials at the University of Innsbruck (Austria), Professor, Doctor Reiner Graefe, which studies the condition of Shukhov’s constructions on the territory of VMZ for the purpose of their further restoration, took place in the conference.

The restoration of objects of Shukhov’s heritage would be impossible without active participation of the United metallurgical company, which comprises Vyksa metallurgical works. The inspection of Shukhov’s constructions and main objects of reconstruction in the town demonstrated the significance of activity for the preservation of objects of historical and industrial heritage carried out by the town’s administration together with OMK.

During the meeting with the town’s administration the Foundation’s representatives discussed the possibility of holding joint cultural projects on the territory of Vyksa area. The “Shukhov’s tower” Foundation entirely seconds the aspiration of the town’s administration and VMZ to create an industrial museum under the open air in Vyksa and will assist to make this project a reality.

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