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The symphonic poem “Vladimir Shukhov” performed by the Moscow symphony orchestra for children and youth (director Alexander Chuikov) will be premiered during the “Moscow autumn-2014” festival of contemporary composers on November 12 from 19:00 till 20:00 in the Moscow house of composers (Bryusov per., 8/10, str. 2).

The Moscow symphony orchestra for children and youthThe Moscow symphony orchestra for children and youth

The symphonic poem is dedicated to the brilliant Russian engineer, architect and scientist Vladimir Shukhov (1853 – 1939), who managed to make real, it would seem, the fantastic ideas of his engineering mind. Among the unique Shukhov’s achievements of the universal importance is the creation of a hyperboloid constructional design that has become the foundation for the avant-garde questing of the XXI century world’s most reputed architects. The delight evoked by the personality of the scientist-demiurge has inspired the creation of this symphonic poem where the violin is vested with a peculiar role of a lyrical “Me” of the hero of this piece of work – his afflatuses, throes of creation, downfalls but the unvaried faith in the miracle of scientific achievements that are able to fulfill the most unrealistic expectations of a man. The composition with continuity arises from the leading-motives of the themes at pianissimo and grows into two high-power culminating points: first – as the very picture of the tower erection, second – levitation of the hero’s spirit.

The creator of the symphonic poem is the composer Chechyotko Sergey Mikhailovich ( – laureate of the Esenin contest of composers, contest named after Yu. Shishakov, 3-rd harp contest-festival. He is the member of the commonwealth of composers of France (2006, SACEM). From 1998 the composer and pianist has been working in the “Helicon-opera” theater. He performed on tour in the USA, France, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, China, South Korea, and other countries.

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Program of the "Moscow autumn-2014" festival of contemporary composers:

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