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The Shukhov Tower Foundation supports, promotes and realizes the scientific, technical and social ideas corresponding with the foundation's program, its aims and tasks. Not all of them can immediately be made out as the concrete detailed projects. That's why the Foundation publishes the ideas of new projects in order to discuss them, promote and choose the optimum forms and methods of realization. Some of the projects listed below the Foundation plans to realize as the concrete projects. The other projects the Foundation considers socially significant and favors their detailed discussion and promotion.

  • The project "Young talents of Russia"
    The Foundation considers the intellectual potential of Russia no less powerful than its reserves of raw materials. Russia was the first to send a man to space, it created and creates the unsurpassed systems of arms. Russian literature, ballet and musical culture won the recognition all over the world. This list can be continued. But the main thing is that it should be continued in the future. That's why the Foundation has advanced the idea to realize the project "Young talents of Russia". The project envisages the creation of an interactive system to reveal and develop the gifted children of a school age, to prepare them for entering the foremost profile institutes in order to work in the best companies in the future. It is planned to create special interactive resources on the Internet, the teaching and testing programs for personal computers, video programs, to organize the TV program-contest: "Young talents of Russia" and the educational TV channel. Maecenases and companies interested in the creation of a qualified staff reserve are invited to take part in the financing of the project.

  • The idea to create an intellect park in the Moscow region
    During perestroika Russia lost the status of one of the key technological leaders of the world, which affects export volumes of the Russian scientifically capacious products, the international prestige of the Russian technologies and science. We suggest a non-standard way to increase the international technological prestige of Russia in order to promote the Russian machinery and technology in the world markets. The Foundation suggests creating of the Russian intellectual park on the basis of some technical institutes of Moscow and the existing infrastructure of the scientific cities in the Moscow region.

  • The idea to implement the system of life and pension insurance in Russia on the basis of paying back the part of internal debt of the Russian Federation
    The success of new economic reforms in Russia depends to a large extent on the creation in the country of a large-scale market of the long-term financial obligations ("long and cheap" money). It is also necessary to create the system of life insurance and of additional pension maintenance on the basis of the state's debt regarding the deposits depreciated in 1992, and to make monthly payments to pensioners under policies. It will result in the creation of a powerful instrument of refinancing the mortgage programs and of the long-term investments into economy.

    The Foundation invites to discuss the ideas and to consider possibilities of their realization. You can forward your letters to the following E-mail address: The most interesting proposals will be advertised on our web site.

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