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The project envisages the creation of a modern business, technological and cultural complex in Moscow. The indisputable merits of V.G. Shukhov, as a founder of the scientific-technical and practical base of the modern extraction, transportation, storage and processing of oil in Russia, define the priority of the scientific-technical and business provision of oil companies in the activities of the center. Shukhov was the Great master of steel structures, that's why the use of steel in industry, construction and architecture will become a separate trend in the center's work. The rest thematic trends of the Shukhov center's operations must correspond with the versatile creative heritage of V.G. Shukhov.

The constituents of the Shukhov center will be:

  • The business center.
  • The congress hall.
  • The center for culture and art.
  • The museum of the history of oil extraction in Russia.
  • The museum of the history of oil cracking.
  • The interactive museum of V.G. Shukhov and his followers.
  • The scientific-technological center.
  • The engineering club.
  • The gallery of arts.
  • The center of artistic creative work.
  • The club part: caf?, restaurant, internet hall, relaxation halls.

The museum constituent will be present in all rooms of the center in the form of pictures, drawings, models of famous engineering constructions, portraits of the industry branch leaders. On one hand, the club principle of the center's work arranging will allow the creating of a necessary natural atmosphere of intercourse and, on the other hand, the uniting of veritable professionals.

The work of the center will be organized in the following directions:

  • The securing of activities of the business center's structures;
  • The organizing of congresses, conferences, exhibitions, business meetings, presentations, receptions and contests;
  • The lobbying of interests of the club members;
  • The promotion of club members and their initiatives in mass media;
  • The constantly renewed exhibiting of the works of art.

The Shukhov center may be built at the foot of the Shukhov Tower in Moscow.

The main task of the Shukhov center is to give an opportunity of active business and informal intercourse for the representatives of business and state structures, mass media, science, engineering and culture. The interaction, exchange of opinions, discussion of the ways of development will allow consolidating efforts in solving the publicly important tasks.

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